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Child & Spousal Support

Please read below to determine your case type.


IV-D Case


Non IV-D Case

If child support or spousal support is ordered through a divorce, custody or paternity case and is not being enforced by the DES Division of Child Support Services, your case is a Non IV-D case. You may contact the Pinal County Clerk of the Superior Court Child Support/Spousal Support Department at 520.866.5321.

How do I sign up/modify the mandatory electronic payment card or direct deposit?

What is the Support Payment Clearinghouse and what is the address to mail payments?

How do I make an Online payment for support?

Payment Inquires:

How can I request an Arrearage Calculation or Payment History for my case?

How can I obtain payment history/arrearage information without having to pay for the services?

How do I change my address and/or Name?

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